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Relax In Sound

Hello Dear Sound Yogi, 

Nice to meet you. I am Sneha J, the founder, and owner of this website and your guide to sound healing and nada (sound) yoga. 

I stumbled upon sound healing by chance and out of complete curiosity. And it always magnetized me deeply and brought me to myself. Sound meditation has helped not only me but also my clients connect deeply with their inner souls. 

A sound immersion helps you relieve stress, reduce pain, and deepen your meditation practice. All you do is show up for yourself and relax as the beautiful sound bowls lead you into meditative states.

Some of the main benefits of sound healing are: 

  • low levels of stress.
  • decreased mood swings.
  • pain and emotions management.
  • improvement in sleep
  • provides deep state of relaxation
  • helps experience deep meditation
  • improves focus and mental clarity
  • balances nervous system
  • may aid in relaxation and recovery from illnesses and surgeries 
  • may enhance immune system
  • increase your prosperinty quotient


What They Say

Faith P.

I experienced a relaxing sound bath by Sneha at a women’s group retreat. It was a beautiful meditative practice that allowed me to be present with my feelings and move forward throughout the retreat. It was an experience I will always cherish and would recommend to anyone who’s seeking healing and calmness in their life. Thank you, Sneha!.”


“I had Sneha’s downloadable soundbaths on repeat for 3 hours straight. They are beautiful and help me sleep better at night”


The whole sound bath process seems simple but is quite powerful. Simple , since you lay down with your eyes closed and allow the various, unexpected sounds to help you relax . Powerful, because it helped reach a state of awareness. Each sound bath experience was a bit different for me , one  day I could  sink right in with ease, while the other day it took  longer for me to feel it.

Sneha has a varied  range of sound bowls and instruments  that she uses during the session. Each sound , each vibration took  me to a different place, different imagination. These  vibrations were relaxing and healing. I could feel them moving through my body.Grateful to you Sneha, for sharing this new experience with me !!


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