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Welcome to Stress Less With Sound! I am so excited to finally have a niche website focused on sound healing and sound meditation. My website exists, to help you, my sound yogis and yoginis, to integrate sound into your lives with more intention and purpose. 

So, I decided to create this post and write down explicitly how I aim to help you through this website. 

1. Empower sound yogis and yoginis to practice sound meditation regularly 

The ancient practice of sound meditation is the yoga of listening. It is a journey from the external chaos and mind chatter to the internal world of bliss. Sound meditation is a transformative practice that can help you find your joy naturally. 

Through several practices, recommendations and meditations shared on this website, the readers will find it easy to follow the practice of sound meditation to help connect with their inner self. The readers will find ways to follow the practice without any fancy bells and whistles (read singing bowls and gongs) but if they want to use these instruments, they will be guided for the same as well. 

2. Provide easy to follow guidelines to make sound meditation fun for the entire family

Meditation does not have to be a serious thing. We meditate not to get better at meditation, but to get better at life. And what better joy than bringing the whole family into the very thing that you enjoy and find bliss in. 

On this website, you will find fun ideas to share with the children as well as adults so they can embrace sound meditation and healing as much as you do. Using vocal toning, water, singing bowls, drums, you can create an atmosphere of joy and laughter and fun. Meditation is no longer a boring ordeal meant for adults only. 

3. Recommend best resources on sound for aspiring sound yogis and yoginis

This website is not just about me and my offerings. I aim to share books, healings, courses and resources by experts in the field of sound healing and meditation. Learning from experts will help you get deeper knowledge about sound meditation and will help you improve your own practice. 

I am a lifelong learner and I always enjoy learning from others. It helps me expand my perspective on topics and I hope when I share about others, it will help expand your perspective as well. 

4. Help instill confidence in practitioners who want to share the love of sound baths with others

If you are interested in sharing sound baths with not just yourself but your family, friends and clients, I am here to support you in your journey. I will be sharing resources to help you enhance your sound baths and share them with everyone you know. Sharing sound baths gives me so much joy personally! Holding space for others to heal using sounds is one of the most beautiful gift I have experienced and it gives me a lot of joy to help you experience the same. 

5. Share a weekly content to help you experience the magic of sound journey

On this website, you will find weekly blog posts or videos that will take you further on your journey of connecting deeply with your sound and your soul. Bookmark this website and keep coming back to it weekly to learn more about how sound can help you find your joy and purpose in this life. 


If you are reading this blog, I want to assure you that you will be taken care of. If you are looking for answers on your journey of sound meditation, you will find them here. If you do not find them here, you can always ask for them and I will make sure to include the answers in the next blog post. Thank you so much for visiting my website and reading through this blog. I hope to see you around regularly and hear from you, your magical connection with sound.