Sound Bath Practitioner Training Workshop

January 16-17 2021, Online Workshop

Join Sneha for an online sound bath practitioner basics workshop spread over two weekend days.  In this workshop you will learn

1. The History And Science Of Sound

2. What is Vocal Toning? Basics Of Vocal Toning

3. The Seven Chakra System

4. Crystal Bowls History and Types

5. How To Play Singing Bowls

6. How To Create Space For Sound Baths

7. Meditation Ideas and Scripts To Blend Sound Baths

8. Who should not attend sound baths?

9. Instruments that can be used in addition to crystal singing bowls in sound baths

10. Benefits of Sound Bath

11. How To Select Your Crystal Singing Bowls


Timings Of The Workshop:

January 16-17 2021

Saturday and Sunday

11 am EST – 6 pm EST ( two small breaks for lunch and snacks/tea)

What is not included?

Any music instruments. You do not need to own music instruments but if you have a singing bowl already, this class will help you to practice it at your home. Without one it will be hard to practice and get feedback from Sneha.

In the workshop, Sneha will go over a section that tells you how to select your singing bowls. That way it will be easy for you to buy one for you. If you register and want to buy one before class, Sneha will let you know details in your registration confirmation email.


*If you are a local in Atlanta, Sneha will work with you to schedule a practice session on her singing bowls before you end up buying one at no extra cost.

*If you live outside of Atlanta, post workshop you can schedule an online practice session with Sneha to practice on your own singing bowls and receive feedback.

About Instructor

Sneha is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher in Training ( 200 HR). 

Sneha is passionate about using sound instruments to work with her clients and help them achieve a greater sense of balance and stress relief. 

With her knowledge of Reiki, Mindfulness, Sound Healing, and Yoga, Sneha brings a unique experience with her to her students interested in learning how to host sound baths. 

With this training, Sneha hopes to help you use sound bath not only for your own meditation but also for a group experience that you can blend with your energy healing, coaching, yoga or therapy practice. If you are a parent, you can also use it at home with your children.