Indescribable bliss arises in the heart of the yogi who meditates on the sound. 

What is a Sound Bath?

Sound bath is the practice of deepening meditation using sound and music. I use crystal singing bowls and gongs, drums and chimes to create the music. 

Sound bath is an excellent way  to experience a state of deep peace and calm in only 20 minutes. The beautiful sounds bring balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy and an effective form of meditation. It can help ease stress and anxiety.  

A sound bath helps you relieve stress, reduce pain and deepen your meditation practice. All you do is show up for yourself and relax as the beautiful sound bowls lead you into meditative states.  


Experience In Person 1:1 Sound Baths With Sneha

An in-person 1:1 sound bath session helps you customize your experience to your intention and needs.

In this session, Sneha will guide you through a deeply relaxing meditation using Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls and chimes. Take your relaxation to the next level by connecting with the sound within you. 

Book A Private Group Sound Bath Session

Want a sound bath experience for your group? Be it bridal shower, birthday party, family gathering or a corporate wellness program, a sound bath experience will be a unique touch to help bring peace and focus.

We bring a sound bath to your location or we can discuss and book a location per your needs and group size. 

Customize your experience by adding mindfulness, reiki, yoga Nidra, restorative yoga, etc to suit your needs.


In Person and Online Group Sound Baths

Sneha hosts weekly in-person and virtual sound bath sessions. Please visit the events calendar to book your session.